Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Can anyone tell me how closures are implemented?

Scala has closures, and it compiles to Java bytecode, but, Java doesn't have closures. This is not to say that it can't be done, of course. I'm sure the implementation is probably not that hard. I'm just really curious to know how its done... I could go look at the source code for the Scala compiler of course. But I have been working on a number of other things.

I wrote a library for remote management of CruiseControl that seems to be much easier to use than the one they are using in the new Dashboard. I'm going to try to get that submitted here shortly. I'm starting to feel pretty confident in my development skills. Finally. I'm also starting to feel confident in my code reading skills too. I was able to look through the CC Java code with ease. Of course it helps that its mostly nice clean code, but still, I'm doing well.

Well enough, I suppose, that I could figure out how closures are implemented. And, since no one reads my blog anyway, I think I'm on my own.

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