Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coming Soon

For people that care (probably just myself, but I hold out hope), I'm going to spew out a list of the things I'm working on, posts that can be expected in the near future, and other random crap.

  1. The project I was working on was indeed cancelled, as predicted. In hindsight, I'm coming out looking pretty smart. I expect to write some more of my true feelings on this situation. One sad thing of course is that my good friends and old coworkers may soon have to look for new jobs. I hope not.
  2. Ruby is nice. I won't say that it's not as nice as Scala, as I may be attacked by the very vocal Ruby community. But I will say that I enjoy writing Scala much more (I do plan to expand on why, but this isn't the right time). However, some of the dynamic things you can do with Ruby are fascinating.
  3. Rails is nice as well, though I think it has its flaws. I hope to learn Lift very soon and do a nice comparison. We'll see if I have enough time.
  4. Today I started reading about building Facebook apps in Rails. This is something I'll likely dedicate a lot of time to.
  5. Yesterday I learned a bunch about iPhone development. I haven't written anything yet, just had a big walk-through of a pretty popular application. At first glance it seemed fantastic as Apple has made creating views quite simple. This is great because I'm terrible at any visual stuff. Anyway, this is the thing that I will probably end up dedicating the most time to; mostly because I still hold out hope for entrepreneurship.
  6. I am loving my new job. Leaving NYSE has turned out to be a fantastic decision. My new team is great. I'm re-energized. I'm challenged. I'm actually learning at work, instead of just at home. Learning is encouraged, not shunned. I love it.
  7. Lastly, I told myself about a year ago that I wouldn't be getting back into web development. This has changed for a few reasons:

    1. I will still never ever ever try to make things look nice.
    2. It seems like the frameworks available today eliminate most of the rest of the crap that I didn't want to do before.
    3. Having immediate access to millions of users on Facebook seems really exciting, eliminating more crap that I was never any good at - getting people to come to my site.
    4. Most importantly, I have an opportunity to learn new languages, and obviously that's what I really care about

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