Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brown Bag Lunch: CruiseControl

As a direct result of my own brainstorming on technology evaluation, I've decided to follow up on my own advice. I'm going to give a follow-up presentation to my bosses presentation on Continuous Integration. Mine is going to be directly oriented towards setting up Cruise Control, where as his was just a high level overview. I'm going to brainstorm some ideas right here on the spot, in outline format.

  • Intro
    • Brief overview of what this presentation is about
      1. Follow up on Mike Roberts' Continuous Integration presentation
      2. Brief refresher on what CruiseControl is
      3. Will go over the internals of CruiseControl
  • Part 1: Overview
    • Overview of CruiseControl capabilities
      1. Update from CVS
      2. Run Ant
      3. Show test reports
      4. Scheduled Builds
    • Overview of what projects are currently in CruiseControl
    • Internals of CruiseControl
      • config.xml
  • Part 2: To do List
    • Determine what artifacts need to be published
    • Get performance tests running in CruiseControl
    • Get genversion running daily in CruiseControl
    • Get Unit Tests working through Ant
    • Get Emma and FindBugs reports integrated into CruiseControl
  • Part 3: What is required of the team
    • Install CC Tray
    • Write tests
    • Commit frequently
    • Don't check in broken code
    • If you break the build, everyone will know, so fix it.
  • Outro
    • Challenges
      • Challenge others to give 30 minute presentations
      • Challenge Dave Litner to make others give 3o minute presentations
      • Mention Technology Evaluation
  • Questions
    • Questions can be asked throughout, but try to get more questions at the end.
I might come back and edit this, but its a damn good start.

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