Sunday, December 09, 2007

CPU Simulator on Google Code

No one might actually contribute, except myself, but I put my CPU Simulator project up on

This wasn't just for the purpose of generating interest in this project, which is likely uninteresting to most people, but it was my first venture into creating/hosting my own project somewhere in the world. This is something that any self respecting developer should do at some point.

Overall I think Google Code is fabulous. I had my project up in minutes, with my code in Subversion. You get a wiki, downloads, administration, and a number of other things automatically.

Also, and awesomely, this helps me solve a major problem. I've been bitching that I have no way to easily link to code that I've written. Well, now, see this: Totally awesome.

I was disappointed that you only get 10 projects lifetime, but I guess I'll have to choose them wisely. Maybe if I get to be a teacher, and I'm using several projects for teaching, they will lift that limit.

Anyway, I'm really happy. Great day.

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