Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Things are coming together (and Scala is awesome)

I did a ton of reading on Scala today, and I did a lot of writing code and using Scala today. This makes me really happy. The best idea that I had today was to throw out any Java code on the CPU Simulator project, and do it all again in Scala. Why? Because if I write it in Java I won't learn as much. So, that is started, and a bunch of the new code is checked in.

Oh man I have a lot to talk about with Scala. I wonder if I should break it into many posts... I think I will.

But let me just say that I what I did today ties together everything I've been working on over the last four months. Doing the CPU Simulator in Scala helps me with languages, language design, IDE's, unit testing, compilers, reading code, preparing to teach classes, everything...

I was sick today, yet able to do work. I didn't have much energy, but sitting here was fine. Mostly I didn't want to get other people sick so I didn't go to work. Anyway, I did some of my best work today, and I was able to come up with a lot of really good ideas and I want to write them down before they are gone forever.

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