Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grad School

I plan on going back to grad school, full time maybe, part time maybe. I want to go for language design, as that's really all I'm interested in, and all I've been concentrating on for the past couple of years (outside of work).

I think the obvious choice is EPFL, but I'm not yet sure what my chances are of getting in. NYU part time is also a good option.

I'm very, very excited about this. In the past two years or so I went nuts and bought probably a dozen language design/compiler books, a dozen math books, and a bunch of books on actual languages. I've clearly been getting ready for this for quite some time, and the time is right.

I need to write my statement of objectives, and if anyone is willing to proofread for me, that would be awesome.

Also, if EPFL doesn't work out, I'd be willing to give some other schools a shot, but only for language design. Anyone out there have any good experiences to share?


  1. A little. I did just spend three months in Paris. They speak English at EPFL though, along with French.

  2. I went to NYU for grad school and it just sucked (so I prefer to remain anonymous given the rant that follows)
    My employer (NYU itself) paid for 50% of the tuition and I thought I was getting a good deal, until I found myself surrounded by people trying to wash out their lame degrees from elsewhere and whining all the time to the teachers because 'the homework is too hard'. More seriously, NYC is not a place were students are a welcome population, they are rowdy, penyless and are trying to take those resources the finance-world 20-somethings can pay handsomely for, like chicks and lates.
    In addition, part time programs are not designed to be rigurous, otherwise they would scare of the above described population. If you are serious about learning, sign up for a PhD program, and see if it's for you, and if not, leave with a masters degree.