Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NYSE => New York Scala Enthusiasts

Monday, February 23rd, meeting of NYSE, or New York Scala Enthusiasts*. I suspect I'll be presenting regularly, but I won't be presenting at the first meeting - I think someone is speaking about the Actor model this time. My first presentation will likely be about ScalaTest, Specs, and other Scala testing alternatives.

I encourage people who actually care about programming to join us, and programmers who don't care about programming to fall off the GW bridge.

* (Very funny that its called NYSE, given my very infamous stay with the actual company, and how that sham of a technology company wouldn't accept Scala at all, despite my best efforts. Anyway, looks like there will finally be a NYSE in town that embraces Scala.)


  1. w0rd... the NYSE that doesn't suck :)

    For the first meeting it's gonna be an intro to Scala. I want to keep it short and let people get to know each other and drink beer. The following meeting will be actors, followed by you (if you're still game).

    What's kinda cool is that I'm in Chicago this week and I get to go to the first Chicago Area Scala Enthusiasts group this Thursday.

    Looking forward to meeting you!


  2. I'm going to the Boston Lisp meeting that day. That's pretty ironic about NYSE considering your experiences.

  3. Dustin, are we going to go to a bar to have beer?

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  6. Yep. Since the meetings are at MIT (though they are sponsored by ITA Software, not MIT), Gerald Sussman attends the meetings pretty frequently. And other well-known and not well-known but interesting computer scientists and hackers do as well. So there are some pretty interesting conversations that go on there.

  7. Those are awesome. I burned all of those to DVD, and I've watched maybe a quarter of them so far. Really good stuff.